Saturday, December 19, 2020


 I’ve had the joy of 64 Christmases.  That’s a lot of great memories, many years of celebrating baby Jesus’ birth, love, lights, gifts, and family happiness.  Being part of this family is something I’m so grateful to God for. My family is alive, it grows in number and memories.  64 birthdays, Easters, winters, springs, summers and autumns experienced.  64 cycles of time that I know follow each other.  This predictability gives a sense of safeness and peace.  God thought of everything when He created us and this beautiful world.  As this Christmas approaches, I realize this will be my 65th.  Time marches on.  Let’s cherish each moment, hour, day, and year ~ thanking God for all of the beautiful memories. I thank Him for all of the people in my life throughout the years, all orchestrated by Him especially for me.  64 is really the 65th chance I get at it all again. Death is really life of the soul for eternity, Jesus’ death was really eternal life for us all and a chance to be with Him, our Father, and the Holy Spirit forever.  Things aren’t only what they seem.  This darkness that we are in right now will be brightened by the Christ Child and beyond.  Count it all good. 

Friday, November 20, 2020

The Train Whistle

Just a couple of days after Christmas in 2000, my 3 children and I moved into our new home in the country.  The city we had been living in was changing from a quaint Catholic German neighborhood, to a place where gangs were coming in as older homeowners passed away and the homes became for profit rentals.  My children were getting older and problems were arising.  I longed for a country atmosphere.  I had been so active in my parish and community so this process probably took longer than it should have.  There were so many obstacles to overcome and we moved temporarily a couple of times awaiting our final move.  It was horrible and I cried every time I drove toward the country looking for a place I could afford. It seemed like it rained every time I went searching.  I was very despondent wondering why God led me to look around Walton, KY but everything was falling through for a couple of years.  Finally one day I drove through a very small subdivision being built which I had applied for a down payment subsidy but fell through the cracks.  We stopped in front of one of the houses and a man was out front of his house next door.  As it turned out, his daughter was the realtor and they were kind of scrambling to get the remaining homes sold to complete their grant - the same one I had applied for and couldn’t get  worked out.  We exchanged information and within weeks, everything was approved for my loan on the house next door to this man.  I actually got to choose which property I wanted!  I chose the biggest yard even though it was a hill.  It was an absolute miracle.  I had a dream previously, kind of envisioned rolling hills.  The view from my new home was those rolling hills.  One of my sweetest memories and what I hold dear as an analogy for our family happened the night we moved in.  The day I got the keys I anxiously awaited because the electric couldn’t be turned on until the next day.  We had a big snow storm that night but I still couldn’t wait another day for the electric.  We drove those snowy county roads and made it inside the dark house.  We huddled up in lots of blankets, my two teen sons and daughter along with our golden mix dog Cuddles.  I heard the train whistles all night long.  It wasn’t an annoyance but rather a joy because there were no distractions, just us together ~ nothing else, with all the hope and dreams ahead.   I always loved to hear the trains because it reminded me of that night and all it represented.  God miraculously provided that small but brand new home for us.  This was particularly miraculous that I was approved for the loan on a part time job salary as I was still homeschooling the children.  We lived there for 18 years.  I sold the house and retired in October of 2018.  The kids were grown and the home had served it’s purpose.   I downsized to an apartment so I wouldn’t have repairs.  As it turned out, the builders had seriously cut corners causing me lots of repairs and expenses.  So I’m so enjoying this place with all new “everything” - some of the things I had actually picked out when I was considering staying in the home and taking a loan for repairs.  God specifically provided only to show me He is in control and is taking care of me.  It’s nothing fancy but a great neighborhood, lots of deer and wildlife in the yard and a balcony with a lake view.  The other night when I laid their quietly and couldn’t sleep, I heard a train whistle.  I’ve been here two years now but never heard the train before.  It made me smile and remember that loving feeling of our first night in our home.  God is so good ~ especially in the darkest nights. 

Monday, November 16, 2020


 Today I’m greeted with intense light 

So supernaturally bright 

Ushering a new day, perhaps a new way

Blinding, warm, inviting 

Brightening my world 

Twinkling on the lake scene

Opening my eyes wider to what is and what can be...

Saturday, November 14, 2020


 Every morning before I get out of bed, I greet my guardian angel and thank him.  I ask him to go to God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit and give them a big hug from me.  I spend some time taking to God, thanking Him and worshipping Him ~ listening, laying my head on His shoulder, sharing my thoughts of His infinite love.  Then I say a little morning offering and a few other prayers.  Then I ask my guardian angel to give hugs from me to everyone (I’ll list) and tell them of my love and God’s great love and value of them.  Asking my angel to enlist angels and saints to pray for them with us, their family, friends, loved ones for salvation, conversion, healing and our unity.  I even ask for prayers for all our pets.  I start with my children’s names, grandchildren, their other parent, my parents and grandparents, siblings, ancestors and lineage, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, Godchildren, Godparents and those of my family/friends.  Then, Mary and Joseph, all the angels and saints, souls in purgatory, all creatures, the homeless, sick and suffering, those in mortal sins, in jail, at war, separated from loved ones, those involved in  or victimized by abortion, abuse and addiction.  Continuing with all past, present and future neighbors, coworkers, fellow parishioners and classmates, then naming my friends and add all who pray for me, priests (many named) our Church and leaders, many others and they come to mind. I send hugs to my beloved pets who have passed away and very much missed and those still here.  Then thanking  and sending my love and hugs to my busy guardian angel. I raise up my arms and say NEW DAY as my 7 year old  grandson Nicolas showed me he does when I told him I was tired one morning. 

Friday, November 6, 2020


 Catholic evangelization and prayer collaboration sharrose@benjmave.  Please go to twitter and look for my account.  I post every day.  It’s so wonderful to interact in real time with fellow Catholics especially.  We post prayer needs and offer prayers and the rosary for others around the world.  This has also been a great way for me to promote my rosary apostolate and send rosary/prayer packets around the world as they request them.  International shipping is super limited since the  pandemic but I try to provide them as needed.  Consider joining me on this platform, it’s great Catholic encouragement for me and can be for you. Follow Sharrose@benjmave.