Friday, July 28, 2017

Charlie's Eyes

I will forever remember and hope you do too, baby Charlie's beautiful, piercing eyes.  God is now in his presence, back where Charlie originated, back home.  Each new life as well as appearance is unique.  Each is handmade by our loving Creator.  If we all truly believed this, there would be peace and only life affirming care for each other and ourselves.  This beautiful baby had so much to struggle here on earth and his parents agonized working to bring God's plan of loving care to their son.  Now they will fight for others but Charlie's life, and their fight was not in vain.  God holds their baby now and God's will is being lived out for his parents and all of us. Will we follow it?  We must offer our sufferings for souls as well as work and pray for the dignity of all life.  Charlie's eyes show a beauty and vulnerably.  They showed me that I could be across the world, yet connected to my brother in Christ.  His eyes, although so beautiful to look at, were the window to his beautiful soul which were a reflection of God himself.  God himself was disconnected from life support as we as a society turn our backs on His love.  I pray so hard for all souls to be reunited, face to face, with God someday.  Look into Charlie's eyes and you will see this future and be given grace to live in holiness and spread it to others.  Thanks be to God for this child's life❤

Saturday, February 4, 2017

The World Needs the Rosary

I have a rosary/pro-life apostolate which has slowed to such a point that I must do something differently. This work is so important more today than ever.  Please pray for me for new approaches to make the apostolate fruitful.  Look over my mission statement in early posts and please pray for discernment.  If you would like free rosary packets, contact

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Alex on my Mind

Six days ago I came across a little video greeting from Alex @alexs_journey.  He is a nine year old in and out of the hospital in the UK fighting bone cancer in his leg. I can't explain why I was so touched by him or why I find myself thinking of him and offering lots of prayers every day.  I've sent tweets, received them back, and feel privileged to share in my own little way on his journey.  I have 3 grown children, 2 sons and a daughter and 9 grandchildren -8 of them boys.  This includes 2 sets of twin boys one and a half and 8- one set from each of my sons.  My children and grandchildren have brought a level of love to my life which I didn't know existed.  Children are so pure and full of life.  That is what I sensed from Alex's video.  And beyond that, he reaches out spreading his smile even in the face of this tremendous battle he is fighting.  Love comes through across the miles to me and you through Twitter.  He's in my heart now so I continue to pray for his joy, peace, comfort and healing.  What comes back in return is hope and the greatest example of living in the highest sense.

Monday, August 8, 2016

The Redbud, Lilac, and me 🍃

God is so good!  He speaks to me (and you) in so many beautiful ways.  I did a quick errand to the bank before tackling cutting my grass this morning.  It began... Only two short blocks of driving but a  redbird flew across my windshield.  Look at my post A Little Bird Told Me to get the back story but this little sign made me smile and outwardly say, "thank you Jesus."  Then a brightly colored male cardinal flew in front of me and landed in the middle of the road, causing me to brake quickly: as he escaped safely.  Another smile, this time maybe reminding me to slow down or realize unexpected beauty comes and goes.  So finally to the mowing.  I killed my redbud tree recently from weedeating too closely too often but new starts of the tree have popped up everywhere.  It's been kind of annoying because they're growing too close to the house so I have to pull them out or cut them off-kind of a nuisance.  The tiny main tree stump remaining is sprouting nicely though so I'm reminded of rebirth and hope of beautiful pink blooms in the spring.  But my revelation from God and the lesson I learned came as I saw a tiny blooming sprig of lilac nestled in my mint patch.  I had been so disappointed as one of my two large lilac bushes died this year.  I had planted one on each corner of the front landscaping 15 years ago.  Wind, birds, or SOMETHING  was responsible for my new little lilac!  So when I'm disappointed or lose something important to me, God will ALWAYS be there, planting or flying about with new joys and always beauty for me.  His presence isn't always felt but that's ok- this and all the reminders in my life keep me looking around corners and straight ahead for new, beautiful, and lasting moments which are proof of HIS awesome love.💟

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Evil is increasing so we must increase our prayer and reparation

It is so obvious every day that evil forces are on the rise.  This beautiful world God gave us has turned into a culture of death.  For so many years, I worked and prayed to end abortions but I now feel that this grave evil has many equal counterparts which threaten society, but more importantly, souls.  The devil not only wants death - that is only the means to the eternal damnation he desires for so many.  Please join me in praying the rosary every day, staying in a state of grace and protection, receive the Sacraments more often and evangelize to loved ones and strangers.
We can also call upon the holy saints to intercede.  None of this is new, many of us know and practice these things.  The sense of urgency and defense is my plea though.  Entertainment and self-importance must be curtailed in these times because those things dull us to the pain and suffering in the world.  More dangerous times are ahead.  Love God, others, and this beautiful world and life you have been given, never take a moment for granted or day go by without heartfelt thanks given to God.      But...keep vigilant and fight for lives and souls.  We are reminded, be not afraid -and, pray, hope, and don't worry.  God our Creator is stronger than ANY evil and His love for us is without measure.  Let's console Him with true love, faith, and hope.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Pray more novenas 🙏

This site has strengthened me spiritually every time I pray the novenas.  It avails us of all the angels and saint's intercession and example.  I highly recommend anyone to try it -they truly work!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Look Up

look up when you're feeling down, look up. when you think how big suffering is, look up. when you feel weighed down, look up. the sky and the clouds tell a story of beauty so massive, so transparent, so colorful and pure see the sun, stars, and moon, so powerful and far. there's another side to life and even to death, let your thoughts, cares, and dreams float up, to that wonderous scene. they'll get carried away in that beautiful world, on a light, gentle breeze to the heart of our Lord. so in every little moment and in joy or in pain, never stay low or give up~just look up👀