Sunday, March 15, 2020

From 1 to 5

Are you feeling alone?

 As we self-isolate to protect ourselves from the corona virus, we may start to feel very alone.  It is a way to protect yourself from the virus and as a society, this isolation will limit it’s spread.

We spend our lives creating a home with every creature comfort, so let’s truly enjoy the fruits of our labor.  I personally have always enjoyed being home. Adventure and enjoying the world is also a big part of my life too but in a way of simple pleasures.  The Bible tells us there is a time for everything.  This new normal can be a time of great personal and spiritual growth.  We can do so many things we couldn’t find the time for:  reading that book, writing that letter, deep cleaning our home and souls.
Google the examination of conscience and let’s make sure we are being obedient children of our loving Father.

You are never alone ~ God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are in the room with you this very moment   ~ along with your loving guardian angel.  So what feels like one is actually five!!!!!  Truth is beautiful and God would never want us to be alone.  Your presence is like a little family and there is strength  in numbers.  Isn’t it exciting to see what God will be leading us to in this new normal?

Monday, December 23, 2019

Baby Jesus Cried

It’s two days until Christmas.  The focus is on the joy of God sending a Savior and heaven meeting earth.  Joy abounds with lights, celebrating, gifts, and laughter.  But in the quiet of that holy night and in the quiet of your soul, listen to the small voice.  You may have to listen for a while before you hear it.  It’s a very sad, heart wrenching sound.  Baby Jesus was crying.  He was thrust into this world through a birth process we are not sure of but babies cry being born.  He was cold, so cold.  He was crying from His first emotions.  We think of the hope in a new baby being born but they don’t feel that.  They’re only reacting physically and emotionally to the trauma of the transition.  So baby Jesus entered the world like He left it ~ painfully to give us hope.  Comfort Him and hear Him this Christmas. Be present with His mother, father, and even the animals.  Take a little extra quiet time to listen, you might Jesus crying out for you.

Sunday, November 17, 2019


I went to a fun writers group today.  I’m trying to find my way to working on and completing my book.  One of the prompts was a combination of a character feeling envious of other characters and wanting to create distance with those other characters.  Here is what flowed out of that ~ the moderator said it would be a cute children’s book so I decided to share.
The new puppy “Poppy” was so excited being welcomed into his new home.  The man kept smiling and talking sweetly to him.  He thought this must be my lucky day! 🍀 The man gave him a soft little bed, treats and toys.  He took him for walks and cuddled him a lot.  The other two dogs in the house were really big.  They looked alike and acted alike.  When Poppy got all of the attention, the two big dogs made a lot of noise, blocked off in another room.  Poppy wondered what they were saying.  Most days, the man was gone for a long time.  Poppy felt alone, especially as he watched the two dogs in the other room.  They tugged at toys together and laid close to each other for naps. He wondered, why can’t I be in there with them?  He kept going to the gate to try to smell them but they didn’t bother.  Maybe they would jump on me because they’re so big he thought, but I kind of want to play with them.  Day after long day, Poppy stopped going to the gate.  He just waited, knowing the man would come back and all would be well again!  One day, the man took all three 🐕 🐕 🐶 dogs for a walk together.  Poppy was so happy but he kind of kept getting stepped on by the two.  One even peed on him!!!  (That’s from real life ~ our dog Maverick always peed on Benjamin on walks). That’s it, he thought.  They might be bigger than me, older than me, and even might like each other more than me, but I just want to be with the 👨🏻 man.  If they get in my way, I’ll just move over.  One day, I might even bite one of them.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

His mother, my mother

On this feast day we remember the birth of Mary.  She was chosen beyond time to bear and nurture Jesus our Savior.  Like every moment every day, she had a choice to participate in God's will like we do.  In holy humility, she said yes.  What a beautiful mother she must have been to Jesus as a child and beyond.  I love to imagine their moments and join in them in my heart. God gave us her tender heart full of love.  Can you feel it?  Open your heart and embrace your place in this holy family.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Ups & Downs

Today has been an emotional roller coaster.  Anxiety leading up to an event, great outpouring of my heart and soul in answer to God's call, then disappointment due to technical difficulties.  It is just another opportunity to make reparation for my sins and pray for others in so much need.  Would you like to comment and share a similar experience?  Every single thought or action can be turned over to God for His purpose.  In our human weakness it can feel like an unpleasant tugging in our hearts but maybe it's just the rhythm of life we fight against.  I'm letting go of this today and remembering the message from a canvas a friend gave me last year.  Let go, Let God

Monday, January 22, 2018

Overview of initial apostolate goals

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Save Babies - Save Souls

Below is my initial blog outlining the mission of this apostolate. Please check out the "older posts" for additional prolife resources.
Save babies - Save souls
I have an apostolate called St. Gerard Majella Prolife Prayer Project. It has many components, but it starts with prayer. I have found the rosary to be such a powerful prayer tool and want to share it's benefits with others. It has a calming psyiological affect because of the rhytmn and because you are meditating on the mysteries of Jesus' life and praying for specific virtues on each decade, the prayer is focued. This focus allows God to put different people in mind for intentions based on what they might be going through, or show me a reflection of Jesus' life I did not have before. The beauty and power of these mysteries is infinite. Here is just one example, when I am praying the sorrowful mysteries and get to the third decade of the crowning of thorns (virtue focus is courage), I might think of Jesus' head with the crown of thorns and pray for all those suffering from mental anquish, depression, brain cancer, eye problems, etc) These prayers bring me so much peace and take my mind off of my own problems, giving God the control to work miracles in people's lives and give them strength to carry their own crosses as well as me carry my own. People of all ages need something to hold on to during difficult and joyous times in their lives and I want to give them the rosary. My original work included providing rosary packets to parishes that included the prayer sheet I made up regarding how to pray the rosary (some people do not remember exactly how to do it or noncatholics can learn) - it included the virtue prayed for during each decade which really helps to focus. I always feel that even if God's will is not the specific thing we are asking for, it is definitely His will to help me grow in these virtues. IT IS VERY EMPOWERING! My goal is for the priests to announce this distribution but more importantly, to share with the parishoners of all ages, about the power and benefits of the rosary in reaching personal potential to feel God's love fully and sharing this with the world. This will strengthen the parish over time and I feel, could save a life. There might be a young person contemplating suicide sitting in the pew and this could be just the small piece of hope they need to hear. It could benefit the sick or lonely - any trial is lightened with prayer and hope, especially knowing that you have a faith family that really believes in God's power!
The next step in this project is for the parish to enlist the patron saint of the parish for intercession and introduce or reintroduce the parishoners to the saint, their gifts and mission. The church's are not named after a particular saint for no reason. That saint can come alive and produce those same virtuous results in their parish today. Book/discusssion groups about the saint is a great way to involve people in the parish life, especially teens. I like to put a quote from that saint in the bulletin every week just to perk the interest in them. Blessed medals of the saint can be distributed, novenas started, and celebrations of their feast days honored.
This is just the first couple of steps in my apostolate - I will write more each day. You will see, the prolife aspects unfold as well as personal sanctity strived for. We can change our world - give people hope - love and respect everyone from conception until natural death - and defeat the evil forces in our world with hope and trust in God.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

The Mass for Children booklet

Who's with me?  Let's buy these in bulk and make available in the back of our churches or better yet in the pews,  I just googled and saw them for 1.50 each.  What a way to engage children at mass and help them realize they are actively participating.  Possibly your parish could fund it or buy through your Catholic bookstore to support them.  I remember my son Eric when he was little, drew some scenes from mass on a little paper booklet we made and he brought it to mass. Encourage a child or MANY today!
It is the Saint Joseph picture books series called The Mass for Children.  You can see a picture of it on my twitter page sharrose@benjmave and one possible supplier.