Thursday, October 27, 2011

Your Face

When I finally get to see you face to face,
will I recognize you?
Do you look like the man, woman, or child I saw today?
Will you have sadness in your eyes, or complete delight?
Will I be able to cast my gaze on you, or turn away in guilt?
Will your shine lighten me and take away my fears?
I wonder what we will feel for each other when our eyes meet.
I seek to know you and grow closer each day but know it will all change when I see your face.
It will be a love like the first time I saw my newborn childrens' faces.
I carried them, dreamed about what they would look and be like, but it all changed to pure joy and love when I saw their faces.
Lord, I am not ready or worthy, but I long to see Your face.

Friday, October 21, 2011


.When we open the door coming home

Let's thank God that we have a place to call home

and pray for for those who have none or are losing theirs

and vow to help the homeless and ask God to show us how

When we go to a job we know will be hard

Let's thank God that we have a way to earn a living

and pray for those who have no job or are losing theirs

and vow to offer help any way we can even if it's just lending a hand

When we spend time with family and friends

Let's thank God for the true blessings they are

and pray for the lonely or those who feel unloved

and vow to reach out and spend time really listening

When we delight in receiving Jesus at Mass

Let's thank God for the true faith imparted to us

and pray for those who are missing out on this grace

and vow to share that faith and invite someone to Mass

When we awake each morning and welcome the day

Let's thank God for our lives and the time he gives us

and pray for those who will die today and souls in purgatory

and vow to make the most of each day for His purpose

When? When can these needs be fulfilled? When?

When will human suffering end? When?

When we are our brothers keeper and live as true

children of the same Father can we live more in His peace.

I pray I will see the next opportunity WHEN I can thank, pray and serve

Will you ask WHEN with me?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Repetitive Prayer Can Reset Your Stress Thermostat

This is a reprint of an article dated 11/17/2006 in the Diocese of Covington Messenger. It was written by Agostino Bono and was added as a supplement to the Messenger from Mr. Bono's story through Catholic News Service. I have copied this article and given it out to others as well as referred to some of the information while promoting the rosary. It seems that science is catching up with the benefits of praying and meditating on the mysteries of the rosary - benefits and blessings many Catholics have realized for many years. One of the aspects of my St. Gerard Majella Prolife/Prayer project is distributing and promoting the rosary. I can make my prayer sheets available to you in quantities as well as possible connections of large quantities of cord/mission rosaries for distribution to your parish, community, or group of friends and family. I have found no surer means outside of the Eucharist in growing in my faith than the powerful rosary. My hope is that you can appeal to people to try the daily rosary with information from this article and help me share this powerful tool and weapon against evil with many. It helps me everyday as a little twenty minute respite from the hectic world and calms my body, mind and spirit. It can do the same for you!
Are you all stressed out? Try a few prayers and some meditation. How about reciting a few decades of the rosary?
If you are a believer, your faith may well contain the tools to combat stress and in the process improve your chances of living longer.
Stress, a scourge to psychological health, cuts into physical health by aging the body's cells and their ability to reproduce. It also causes hormone rushes that can cripple the body's chemistry.
Health care professionals dealing with stress-related problems note that there is no preventive stress medicine. Stress is a part of life. The health issue is how people deal with stress to minimize the harmful effects.
"Managing stress" is the term often used, and it involves techniques for letting go of the stress rather than internalizing it.
In terms of letting go, "I can't overemphasize the importance of the early training of Catholics in prayer," said Dr. Herbert Benson, who specializes in stress-related illnesses.
Prayer repetition is a relaxation technique that helps people disregard thoughts that cause stress and the harmful physical consequences produced, said Benson, director of the Mind/Body Medical Institute in Chestnut Hill, Mass., and a Harvard University associate professor of medicine.
People who are not religious can repeat muscular movements, words meaningful to them or sounds such as in chanting, he said. Relaxation techniques have been used for thousands of years in different cultures, Benson added.
It's a question of finding the repetition techniques that have meaning in a person's culture, he said.
"In the West, for Catholics nothing beats the rosary," said Benson, who is Jewish.
Stress occurs when people are in a situation that requires them to change behavior patterns, he said. "Stress evokes a flight response. It prepares you for running or fighting," Benson said.
Physically, blood pressure rises, the heart beats faster and brain waves speed up, he said. These are the results of hormones rushing into use, he explained.
"Repetition breaks the train of everyday thoughts that can cause stress, like worrying about an accident, losing money or worrying that there is a terrorist ahead," he said. It's not even necessary to repeat the entire "Hail Mary" prayer, he said. "Just repeat - Hail Mary full of grace - over and over. When a stressful thought or situation arises, say "Oh well" and repeat the prayer," he said.
A repetition technique "allows us to tap into the inborn capacity we have to combat stress," said Benson. "For a religious person, this is contact with God." For a nonreligious person, a repetition technique is a way to get in contact with processes within them derived from evolution, he added.
Benson cites research showing that stress releases a hormone, norepinephrine, that can cause or worsen existing diseases (such as circulatory illnesses and infertility), while relaxation techniques RELEASE NITRIC OXIDE, WHICH COUNTERACTS THE HORMONE.
Good health care has three components: medicine, surgery and self-care, said Benson. "There are no drugs or surgery to counteract stress," he said. It comes down to self-care, and for believers spirituality is an important part, he added.
Benson suggested daily relaxation techniques for about 10-20 minutes to keep the nitric oxide flowing.
"Get up. Shower. Breathe slowly, and say "Hail Mary," Benson said.
But does all this really prolong life instead of just getting people through a momentary crisis? Apparently YES, answered Dr. Thomas Perls, director of the New England Centenarian Project and a Boston University associate professor of medicine.
His centenarian project is a nationwide study of people 100 years old or older and their children.
"A very large percentage of centenarians are religious, so it makes you wonder if religion helps manage stress," he said. "Religion gives you a global view. You don't sweat the small stuff," said Perls.
"Prayer, meditation, breathing right - these help RESET YOUR THERMOSTAT," he said.
Perls was organizing a study to investigate the role of religion and spirituality in longevity.
Meanwhile, science is establishing links between stress and aging.
Perls cited new research showing that the constant stress suffered by women with chronically ill children was causing the tiny caps of their cells' chromosomes to shrink. These cells are called telomeres, and when they become too short the cells become "older," stop multiplying and eventually die."

**** So there you have it, more evidence of only good things coming from praying and meditating on the mysteries of the rosary daily. Actually, many miracles have been attributed to it as well as promises attached to those who pray it.

I would love for my apostolate to grow and for me to be available to work on it full-time. If you would like to sponsor me - I came up with an idea. Many people participate in walks, etc. to raise money for causes and research. Much of that money goes to administration, etc. I am asking for anyone who would like to sponsor me, to pledge some amount per hour of work. Any money donated goes directly to time I am working to further prolife/prayer/homeless, etc. projects. More information about the apostolate can be found in posts here at Additional money is needed at times for printing and supplies for mothers and for the homeless but much of that is donated. If interested, contact me at Please pray for my apostolate and for all those it touches.

The power of the rosary - changes lives and leads us closer to God.