Sunday, November 29, 2009

Still holding tight to my rosary

I would like to share an idea I had a few months ago about praying the rosary. My daughter and her best friend were getting ready to start their first year in college. They have been best friends for several years and inseperable. My daughter would attend a local university, but Amber would be 5 hours away at her college. I trusted that things would work out fine but wanted a little assurance. I thought of asking each of them along with both of my daughter's friend's parents to pray the rosary for a month with me for the girl's futures (in school and in Christ). That made 5 people praying for the month: me, Dana, Amber, Laurie & Tom. The idea was for each of us, as we prayed our rosary each day, to pray one decade for one of the people and their intentions. That way, we would all be praying for four other people, their intentions and our own each day. It turned out to be such a blessing for me and I'm told it was for them too. It helped me to not skip a day which sometimes happens and to focus on others very intently and their needs. As I meditated on a mystery and knew it was, for example, for Dana, I could relate it to her life and offer special intentions that were personal and I know, very powerful. That month united us in a special way. At the end of the month, my hope was for us to attend mass together and go to lunch to discuss how God worked. Very busy lives and sicknesses got in the way of that plan, but my hope is that this little prayer partner idea will materialize to that level next time or for others. Also, since I mentioned this to others, they said they would like to be included in the next month's rosaries. If we invite 4 others to join us for a month, the plan could keep growing. THE ONLY THING I ASKED IS THAT WE REMEMBER TO PRAY TO END ABORTION. Of course, we prayed for conversions, the sick, the souls in purgatory, the homeless and unemployed, to end addictions, abuse, etc.
I think that this little idea that God put in mind for me is a good way to unify our prayers, show the power of the rosary, and give us something to hold on to. The rosary remains a very powerful tool that I hold tightly to every day, knowing it is a lifeline to hope, healing, and many blessings from God!
By the way, Dana and Amber are growing into their new environments but staying as close as ever. They are meeting new people and hopefully learning a lot as freshmen. Keep them in your prayers and ALL students. So many college students experience negative peer pressure and depression, they could use our prayers as well as even the little ones experiencing separation at preschool. We are ONE BODY IN CHRIST, so we pray always for each other!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Another day to save lives and souls


First I heard the beeps; I turned my head and noticed a large white truck backing up into the parking lot. My attention was drawn to the maneuvering of the truck into the gates it was trying to fit between. Then I looked at the name on the truck and FROZE. You see, I was in front of the abortion clinic. My daughter, her friend and I had been there for several hours sidewalk counseling. We had been standing at a site that was the last line of defense for what I would estimate to be about 25 unborn babies. We were about to leave for the day when that truck pulled in. This truck broke my heart. It was from a medical waste company which was there to pick up the unwanted CHILDREN! I cannot express the despair I felt. I knew what was going on in there. I knew the different types of procedures used and how the children could feel the pain. I knew that there is even a market for body parts and tissues obtained from LEGALIZED abortions. My heart took over all information, and the only remaining feeling was one of complete despair. I went to my knees and quietly moaned, “no, no, no.” Then, again quietly, “My, Jesus, mercy!’
Sidewalk counseling is simply a presence in front of the abortion clinics in order to get an opportunity to speak to the woman for a moment. It is the hope of an opportunity to give hope to a woman who has none. It is an opportunity to save a baby from the horror of abortion and the child’s mother from psychological pain. These women drove in that site with a God given blessing of new life within them, and drove back out. I don’t think they were capable of thinking about how that child would be disposed of, or even for a moment, fathom the horror. The horror that the child endured, the horror of the disposal site, the horror they would probably endure for their entire lives. This is the horror I felt when I saw the truck.
I cannot stop abortion or be any more effective at sidewalk counseling. I can continue to try though, and it all begins and ends with God, just as each person’s life does. I turn to God and pray for the end of abortion and a renewal of the respect for human dignity at all stage

* I wrote this back in the Summer after sidewalk counseling one day. I just thought it would be a good thing to share here.
* I read years ago that St. Faustina would ask our Lord for huge favors. He could not deny her because they were always for the benefit of others and He loved that she knew how big her prayers could be. I always remember this when I am offering a somewhat unpleasant task. I used to do gardening for a friend at her dog kennel in order to help pay for my precious dog CUDDLES' boarding. There were many long hours pulling weeds. So I asked Jesus to save a soul for each weed I picked. It felt great to know that even little things like this could help others and help my relationship with God grow stronger. Well, here I am, many years later with an unused treadmill convicting me to finally get started exercising again. Year after year, I would get started only to stop the routine. The other day I had the idea to ask God to save a baby from abortion with every step I take. My first day was only a few minutes, but it is increasing. As I walk, I think of more things to ask for - release a soul from purgatory with each step, one healing, one conversion, one job, one home for a homeless person... the possibilities are endless and I BELIEVE these prayers are being answered! I couldn't ever seem, for some reason, to exercise for my own good, but now I have a new found purpose. TRY IT - WE CAN TAKE STEPS FOR LIFE!!!!