Thursday, October 27, 2011

Your Face

When I finally get to see you face to face,
will I recognize you?
Do you look like the man, woman, or child I saw today?
Will you have sadness in your eyes, or complete delight?
Will I be able to cast my gaze on you, or turn away in guilt?
Will your shine lighten me and take away my fears?
I wonder what we will feel for each other when our eyes meet.
I seek to know you and grow closer each day but know it will all change when I see your face.
It will be a love like the first time I saw my newborn childrens' faces.
I carried them, dreamed about what they would look and be like, but it all changed to pure joy and love when I saw their faces.
Lord, I am not ready or worthy, but I long to see Your face.

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