Friday, March 4, 2011

A Little Bird Told Me

A Little Bird Told Me

By Sharon C. 2011-02-14 . About sixteen years ago, I sat in a waiting room under serious conditions. My painful path had led me closer to God in so many ways, but this particular sign from Him is one of the sweetest - to this day.

I agonized over the meeting I was to have and silently pleaded with God to show me what He wanted me to do. I looked up and saw a painting of red birds. I've always loved them but they really had no special significance to me. There was though, just a slight lightening of my spirit. The meeting brought about even more challenges regarding decisions I needed to make. A couple of days passed and in my ongoing trials, feeling overwhelmed, I saw a cardinal fly across my car windshield. It was a little nudge that seemed to show me that God knew my heart and wanted to brighten my way. Over those years, I actually didn't see many cardinals but when I did, it was at a particular time when hope was so needed. I liked to think that this was our special little sign. No words, just beauty, life, movement, and mostly hope. Those little red birds told me that I was important. Their presence told me that I was loved. They told me that God would never abandon me and that He would always show me a way. That way was also to include simple pleasures and even joy. I smile every time I see one and for many years now, have a birdfeeder right outside my kitchen window. I watch them everyday and truly enjoy the simple pleasure of their visits.

Well I guess today I am ready to share that special little sign that I felt was between God and me. The next time you see one, think of the magnitude that our Lord loves you. He gave everything to make it possible for us to be with Him eternally. He guides us and gives us gifts both large and small, every day. Enjoy the simple pleasures in life and each time you see one of these little red birds, smile and realize His love is even in the details!

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