Saturday, December 1, 2012

a birthday present to the child Jesus

Our Christmas Presents Posted by Sharon Rose on December 16, 2011 at 9:58am View Blog .Our Christmas presents that we give and receive help us to show love to each other and remind each other of the joy we share in Christ's birthday. The anticipation, celebrations and love shared among family and friends during this time of year are beautiful. It even serves as somewhat of a rhythm in the cycle of a year - a certainty and structure in time we know will come and go. The lights we see help remind us of the STAR that led to the Christ child and the light that He is to our world. All of these things strengthen us and lift our spirits serving as power to help us through struggles and rough times. It's another example of the balance in life. In reality, Christmas and the gifts that it brings are part of the pure joy that we have been given by means of being a Christian. It's the innocence of new birth, hope and finally the acceptance of struggle that leads to salvation. Back to the concept of the Christmas presents - one that you may not have together yet is the present to Jesus for His birthday. Make Him a birthday cake and get the box ready that His gift goes in. Put in it, either tangible items that reflect what you want to give or do for Him, or written notes of love or sacrificial acts done in His honor. Wrap it beautifully and put it under your tree. If there are things in it that someone could use, present that gift anonymously to someone. By this I mean, maybe you might place warm gloves in the box offering the work of your hands to God, possibly a food item, representing a food you might give up during the season, maybe something red, to represent your heart. He is alive an we can treat Him as though He is right there in the room joining in our Christmas celebration and gift giving. Merry Christmas - blessings!

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