Friday, December 7, 2012

Jesus Was (Is) Homeless

Jesus Was (Is) Homeless Posted by Sharon Rose on March 22, 2011 at 9:40am View Blog .* This is a post I wrote just before Christmas last year from another site. While this "homeless bag" idea is such a blessing to others at Christmas, it is also a wonderful thing to share all year round. My family and friends try to keep a filled bag in our car so when we encounter a homeless person or someone on the street asking for help, we can share the bag, along with a short personal encounter and opportunity to show that person Christ's love within in. We see the homeless people on the streets and in the news. It must be the most hopeless feeling to watch as the world goes by you stand begging for help, or even worse, hide away to find a little shelter. If you are like me, it saddens you see these people and you wish you could, in your own little way, do something to help other than hand them a dollar or two. Jesus suffered this same plight - not even having shelter at birth. This, along with the empathy we feel toward the homeless today, is unimaginable. God loves us so much that He shares in every suffering and relates even on a human level. He went through the suffering, the cold, the dangers, and every other pain. He is within everyone of us still today and He is living inside the hopeless, homeless. As we prepare for Christ's birthday, let's give Him a birthday present this year that shows His people that there is hope and love, even from unexpected, supernatural interventions. We can make up a backpack or duffel bag filled with items and distribute to people we see on the streets. My family and I do this on Christmas day, after mass, downtown. There is no shortage of people wandering and lonely. This bag can contain some food items like tuna pouches, crackers, nuts, candy, juice, etc. We include a warm blanket and possibly one wrapped item like gloves or socks. A card is a nice touch along with personal care items and a small bible or prayerbook/rosary. Be an angel to one of your brothers and sisters in Christ this year. Imagine the hope the person will feel that there are people who care, that God cares, and that they may be able to overcome some of their struggles.

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