Friday, July 28, 2017

Charlie's Eyes

I will forever remember and hope you do too, baby Charlie's beautiful, piercing eyes.  God is now in his presence, back where Charlie originated, back home.  Each new life as well as appearance is unique.  Each is handmade by our loving Creator.  If we all truly believed this, there would be peace and only life affirming care for each other and ourselves.  This beautiful baby had so much to struggle here on earth and his parents agonized working to bring God's plan of loving care to their son.  Now they will fight for others but Charlie's life, and their fight was not in vain.  God holds their baby now and God's will is being lived out for his parents and all of us. Will we follow it?  We must offer our sufferings for souls as well as work and pray for the dignity of all life.  Charlie's eyes show a beauty and vulnerably.  They showed me that I could be across the world, yet connected to my brother in Christ.  His eyes, although so beautiful to look at, were the window to his beautiful soul which were a reflection of God himself.  God himself was disconnected from life support as we as a society turn our backs on His love.  I pray so hard for all souls to be reunited, face to face, with God someday.  Look into Charlie's eyes and you will see this future and be given grace to live in holiness and spread it to others.  Thanks be to God for this child's life❤

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