Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This is my second day of this blog. It's all new to me and I only gave my address to one person so far. Guess I'm just not ready yet, or comfortable enough yet to share it more. But I will get there and hopefully someone reading this later will be inspired to start one. We all have a dream that we want to materialize in our lives someday and hope somehow it will come true. Most of the time, we are sure it could never come true so we don't fight for it. This blog is a step in my process to make my dream come true of working full time on my apostolate. I need to provide income for me and my family and feel called that if I pursue this work, that I can find a mentor or some guidance to start a nonprofit organization which will help me to gain funding. I have worked on these endeavors at a slow pace for several years and have seen it be fruitful. I just want more and more people to implement and share my ideas to make positive change in their lives and the world. We are God's children and He loves us so much! I believe that most people even though they may believe this, they don't go about their days really living in that truth. He can heal us just by our closeness to Him. It is the bond that has been broken in so many lives and despair is the result.
My first tasks in this new found life into the apostolate is to just keep working on it everyday - even without all the roads marked ahead or the financial means to do it. I know God will provide. Yesterday was the beginning of a new road for St. Gerard Majella Prolife/Prayer Project. It was the day I determined to spend some time every day through the week just promoting it and strengthening my prayer life. I went to mass yesterday and am heading to confession and mass this afternoon. I need that so much to keep this dream alive.
I also was able to get a lot accomplished yesterday. I found "God is at work in you" and was encourage by Michele to watch it grow. I stumbled across the blog and got started! That was big. I stopped by the Matthew Kelly Foundation in Cincinnati to pick up free copies of Rediscovering Catholicism to share with others and put more on order. I had been wanting to do that for weeks after reading the book and finally got it done. I shared my apostolate mission statement with Matthew's representative Shane and offered to provide some materials to them. A couple of pieces of material that I share all the time and are included in my rosary packet project are the bookmark from Mary's Call about the St. Gertrude prayer to release souls from purgatory (1,000 each time it is said - how powerful) and the wallet sized examination of conscience card. I think we don't take advantage of the sacrament of reconcilliation as much as we could. It is such a healing sacrament and it leads us to a more sincere reception of Jesus in the Eucharist - our food!
Keep reading to hear about my rocking chair project for moms and more!

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  1. Congratulations on your new blog, Sharon! I look forward to visiting your blog, learning from you, and delighting in all you are able to accomplish. Guess what?!! We have the same Boss! With God, all things are possible, and one person can and does make a difference. God is at work in you!!