Wednesday, September 30, 2009

baby steps & Padre Pio

Since my new found commitment last week of working on my apostolate everyday, it seems that things have been slow going. But - I see so much improvement. There were several days that serious family matters came first. I know that as a mother and grandmother, that is my first apostolate and that I am fulfilling God's will for me. It's hard though, because I want to see this work further. God is so good to me. I had an awesome mini-retreat with my friend's son who is preparing for Confirmation in which I am acting as his sponsor. It happened on 9/27 and one of the sponsors brought up Padre Pio as one of his influences. The next day as I was reading some of my old prayer materials, I happened to look in the front of the Padre Pio prayer booklet and saw that 9/27/1899 was HIS Confirmation date. I took that as a sign and am ordering these booklets for all of the people preparing for Confirmation and their sponsors. I know Padre Pio prompted that. If anyone would like to order this little booklet in Padre (Saint) Pio's own words, it can be obtained from this apostolate:
Vincent Falco
4514 Sheridan Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33140
* You can get 30 for $10. shipping and handling donation

I would also love to promote several of my favorite resources. These are materials that I use and love so much that I distribute often.

One Bread One Body - daily mass scripture readings and commentary in everyday terms. This is such a powerful ministry. Fr. Al Lauer died some years back, but he started this from a small, poor parish in Cincinnati and it has grown to international distribution as well as many other outreaches. I love it because reading the bible can be confusing. This little one page per day booklet makes it so understandable, and it's so awesome that every Catholic mass in the world is hearing the same scripture for that day - how powerful! Check out

Mary's Call - I order these little cards that can be used as bookmarks or put in your wallet. It has the prayer of St. Gertrude the Great which was told to her that 1,000 souls would be released from purgatory every time it is said. Then those souls can pray for us! You can reach them at 660-388-5308 or

I also distribute a small wallet sized examination of conscience leaflet. Of course, Jesus in the Eucharist at mass is the most beautiful prayer, but we can must utilize and spread the word of the importance of the sacrament of Penance. This is from Human Life Internation

All of these materials are at minimal cost and can reach so many people to receive God's love and give more hope to this hurting world.

So, these are baby steps but I still feel much more empowered to keep my apostolate active and am spreading God's mission for me anywhere and everywhere I can!


  1. Thank you for sharing, Sharon. It sounds like you give of yourself very generously, just like Jesus. I love your blog! God is at work in you!!!

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    1. Yes! Contact me at

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  4. Yes definitely, you can reach me at!

  5. I tried calling Vincent Falco's phone number listed in this blog, but a recording comes on to say the number has been disconnected. How do you think I can order the Padre Pio booklets that Mr. Falco makes, now that the phone number is not working? Thank you

  6. ill attempt get updated contact when i get off of work and post it-thx

  7. Mr. Falco died years ago...He was a Great Man....


  8. yes, what a mission, still giving out the books

  9. is there any place I can order the booklets?

  10. If anyone would like to assist me in reprinting these booklets in English and Spanish please contact me.