Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thank you Lord for today!

Another new day, another new start. Illness and family emergency has halted my blog but not my work. I offer every pain, suffering, joy and moment to the Sacred Heart of Jesus for conversions and healings - and especially to end abortion. Please join me in praying the rosary everyday to end abortion and for those victimized by it. I have ordered the Padre Pio booklets and will send one to you, just request. I can also be reached on facebook, just search my name. As I write this blog, I am listening to ewtn stream of Mother Angelica classics - it is such a blessing, check it out. This show was on the seven sorrows of Mary. I also invite you to involve your parish in my apostolate. Just let me know how many rosaries you would like along with the prayer sheet/packets.
I especially want our parishes to get back to the roots of their parish patron saint. Call your diocese office of archive and dig up some info. I belonged to St. Augustine Parish in Covington for about 15 years before moving 10 years ago to a rural area. After I left there I wondered why I didn't know more about him and why the church was named after him. Even the stained glass windows told stories that I never even inquired about. These saints want to intercede for our Church - reach out to them and let them build up your parish.

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