Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Alex on my Mind

Six days ago I came across a little video greeting from Alex @alexs_journey.  He is a nine year old in and out of the hospital in the UK fighting bone cancer in his leg. I can't explain why I was so touched by him or why I find myself thinking of him and offering lots of prayers every day.  I've sent tweets, received them back, and feel privileged to share in my own little way on his journey.  I have 3 grown children, 2 sons and a daughter and 9 grandchildren -8 of them boys.  This includes 2 sets of twin boys one and a half and 8- one set from each of my sons.  My children and grandchildren have brought a level of love to my life which I didn't know existed.  Children are so pure and full of life.  That is what I sensed from Alex's video.  And beyond that, he reaches out spreading his smile even in the face of this tremendous battle he is fighting.  Love comes through across the miles to me and you through Twitter.  He's in my heart now so I continue to pray for his joy, peace, comfort and healing.  What comes back in return is hope and the greatest example of living in the highest sense.