Saturday, August 6, 2016

Evil is increasing so we must increase our prayer and reparation

It is so obvious every day that evil forces are on the rise.  This beautiful world God gave us has turned into a culture of death.  For so many years, I worked and prayed to end abortions but I now feel that this grave evil has many equal counterparts which threaten society, but more importantly, souls.  The devil not only wants death - that is only the means to the eternal damnation he desires for so many.  Please join me in praying the rosary every day, staying in a state of grace and protection, receive the Sacraments more often and evangelize to loved ones and strangers.
We can also call upon the holy saints to intercede.  None of this is new, many of us know and practice these things.  The sense of urgency and defense is my plea though.  Entertainment and self-importance must be curtailed in these times because those things dull us to the pain and suffering in the world.  More dangerous times are ahead.  Love God, others, and this beautiful world and life you have been given, never take a moment for granted or day go by without heartfelt thanks given to God.      But...keep vigilant and fight for lives and souls.  We are reminded, be not afraid -and, pray, hope, and don't worry.  God our Creator is stronger than ANY evil and His love for us is without measure.  Let's console Him with true love, faith, and hope.

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